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Innate Brewery in the Southern Perth suburb of Spearwood, has recently been awarded several medals at the 2021 Australian International Beer awards. Proud to be showcasing some right here in this Brew Crate of WA Craft Beer.

Innate Renegade Red IPA - ABV 6.8%  Bronze Medal Winner !  Featuring sweet malt flavours of biscuit and caramel, combined with a medley of pine, passionfruit and orange hop characters.  As they say... Those who dare,  win !

Innate India Pale Ale -  ABV 5.8%  Silver Medal Winner !  Described as a brave IPA, this is exploding with pineapple, citrus and stone fruit.

Innate Thunderstruck Aussie IPA - ABV 6.0%  Bronze Medal Winner !  A celebration of 100% Australian hops and malt, where ripe pineapple and passionfruit hop notes meld with a round and luscious malt backbone to form a symphony of Aus !

Innate Tropical Pale Ale - ABV 4.8% A hazy ale bursting with tropical fruit.  An ale made to really be enjoyed !

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