Spinifex Brewing Co Assortment

Spinifex Brewing Co Assortment

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Spinifex Brewing is Australia's only Aboriginal & Veteran owned Brewery.  Craft Beer meeting with Aboriginal culture, perfecting world first native infused recipes to bring you great tasting Beers,

Made and canned in WA, using local native botanicals, with labels reflective of it's home grow heritage, this is a great selection of 5 Ales & Lagers 

50% of the profits from F88 Premium Lager sold, go to support various military charities.

This Brew Crate is complimented with some tasty WA Made Beer snacks, to make this a gift you know will be enjoyed !

Spinifex Ale  4.2% ABV - 375ml Can

F88 Premium Lager 4.2% ABV - 375ml Can

Honey Myrtle Ale 4.2% ABV - 375ml Can

NEW Cable Beach Sunset Ale 4.2% ABV - 375ml Can

 West Australian Pale Ale 5% ABV - 375ml Can

Whistlers Milk Chocolate coated Pretzels

Jerky Co  Beef Jerky 50g

Whistlers Milk Chocolate Rocky Road 200g

All WA Made, gifted in a handy to keep Timber Crate, also handmade in WA