Happs Fuchsia & Freckles

Happs Fuchsia & Freckles

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Fuchsia is a Happs original. The wine boasts it's own characteristics that have made it one of the absolute favourites & certainly one of mine !

The grapes used are predominantly, but not exclusively Merlot, Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

 As described in Happs own description, this is a beautiful balance between berry flavours, soft acidity, sweetness and the inevitable slight astringency that is to be expected from red grape varieties, with a natural effervescence cleansing the palate and lifting the aromas.   750ml bottle (11.7% ABV)

 To be enjoyed with a mix of sweet & savoury WA Made treats -

Morish Nuts Caramel Coated Macadamias 80g

Whistlers Milk Chocolate Freckles 200g

Whistlers Milk Chocolate Rocky Road with Turkish Delight & Almonds 80g

Nougat & Nice - Honey & Almond Nougat Bar 100g 

All gift boxed & wrapped, a gift you know will be enjoyed !