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Cider Choice Crate

Cider Choice Crate

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A crate of assorted styles of Ciders, from the fruits of our beautiful Southwest. Enjoy with WA nuts & chocolate, for a relaxing afternoon drink.

Your crate will include

1 x The Cidery Bittersweet Sparkling Cider 330ml, 6.5%APV

1 x The Cidery Sweet Rosie Natural Sweet Cider 330ml 4.5%APV

1 x Little Creatures PipSqueak Apple Cider 330ml 5.2%APV

1 x Funks Cold Pressed Sunday Sesh Session Cider 330ml 4.2%APV

1 x Funks Cold Pressed Pineapple Infused Cider 330ml 3%APV

1 x Morish Nuts Caramelised Peanuts

1 x Whistlers Chocolate Pretzels

1 x Whistlers Chocolate Rocky Road

All in a handy to keep timber crate