Relax & Enjoy

Relax & Enjoy

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A lovely gift of tea, treats and a beautiful fragrant candle.

XO Tea - Organic Lemongrass & Ginger is a real favourite.  A zingy taste with a bold spicy finish, Lemongrass & Ginger is a classic herbal tissane, known to be a calming combination, to help gut discomfort and alleviate headaches & anxiety.

Enjoy your tea in the lovely pink hug me mug, the perfect size to enjoy this nice brew.

Treats always go well with a cup of tea, and this box of Milk Chocolate Freckles, made in the Swan Valley by Whistler's Chocolate Co, are just YUM !  

A fragrant candle is always lovely to have burning in the home, and these candles by Milly & Wy Candles, handmade in Perth's Peel region, are just beautiful.  I have chosen this one with the verse "Do more of what you love", as I think that is something Mum's so often need to be reminded of.  And with the fragrance of Montego Bay, you will almost immediately be taken away to that special place for carefree thoughts and relaxation.